BlueAlp™ Technology


The BlueAlp™ Technology is designed to transform plastic waste (feedstock) into valuable oil in a safe, reliable and economic way. Below you will find additional information regarding some aspects of our process. Please feel free to contact us in case you wish to receive more information.



Feedstock is one of the most important aspects of a BlueAlp™ plant. The quality of the feedstock has a direct effect on the quality of the produced oil and the performance of the plant. Therefore, a standard BlueAlp™ plant is equipped with a feedstock pre-treatment section where the feedstock is:

- shredded

- analysed

- contaminants removed

- dried

- buffered


We have developed 3 feedstock composition envelopes for which we have determined standard pre-treatment lines.


It is important to emphasize that feedstock for a BlueAlp™ plant is not to be taken from streams that otherwise would have been recycled.

Product Oil


The product oil produced by our BlueAlp™ Technology is best characterized as gasoil with a low suplhur content. A detailed specification of our guaranteed product oil quality is available on request. This oil can be used as fuel or as a feedstock for chemical processes.


Additionally, the system produces two secondary product streams, being light hydrocarbons (liquid) and char/bitumen (solid).

After Market Support


After a BlueAlp™  plant is started-up, BlueAlp provides continued support to the plant operators.


All BlueAlp™  plants are connected to our Condition & Performance Monitoring System in The Netherlands from where we monitor all plants worldwide.


Besides the 24/7 service hotline, through which plant operators have access to our remote assistance and call out service, we offer periodic vists and remote plant benchmarking.


For each plant a spare parts programme will be set up in order to maximise plant performance and uptime.



Environmental Impact Reduction


In 2016 a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is performed on the BlueAlp Technology (including the feedstock pre-treatment system). This LCA is performed by SGS Intron and is subsequently reviewed and approved by IVAM UvA

Major outcomes from the LCA study are:

  • For each ton of plastic which is processed by the BlueAlp™ Technology, 1200 kg of CO2 emissions are avoided.

  • The production of 1 liter of oil by the BlueAlp™ Technology process has 68% less environmental impact when compared with the production of 1 liter regular fossil fuel.