Our modern society generates lots of waste and this waste (in case not handled properly) is an ever increasing threat to our planet and our wellbeing. At the same time, natural resources like oil and gas are depleting rapidly while end-of-life plastic waste is often incinerated or dumped.


The circular approach to handling our waste and maximizing the re-use of plastics helps to minimize pollution and extend the use of our earth’s natural resources. Nevertheless a lot of plastic waste remains in streams going to landfill sites or incinerations plants.


The BlueAlp™ Technology is developed with the aim to efficiently transform plastic waste, which cannot technically or economically be recycled or re-used, into valuable oil. This oil can be used as a fuel or as a feedstock for chemical processes.

In 2016 a Life Cycle Analysis has been performed by SGS Intron (and varified by IVAM UvA) on our technology in which the CO2 savings and environmental impact reduction are determined transparantly and independantly.


Successful large-scale production test

Eindhoven companies BlueAlp and Petrogas have achieved what no other business has yet achieved: they have produced an installation that can, on a major scale, process plastic waste into pure ‘circular oil’ (oil produced on circular principles). In recent months, bottlenecks and teething problems have been resolved and the recycling plant in Ostend, Belgium is now in full operation.


Technology is the backbone of our business. Only through safely engineered and fabricated systems we provide the best results.


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