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Together we can accelerate plastic recycling

Upcycle any plastic waste into new feedstock

Upcycle plastic at scale?

Together we can make it happen

BlueAlp’s revolutionary technology upcycles any plastic waste into a valuable new feedstock, reducing our dependence on virgin oil and new oil extraction. The patented BlueAlp slow cracking process guarantees the highest possible pyrolysis oil quality in combination with low energy use. Patented BlueAlp technology is the only chemical recycling technology that can do this. Talk to us about plastic-to-oil recycling and how you can be part of the plastic circularity transition.

Accelerating the solution

As a company and as innovators, our mission is to dramatically accelerate the amount of plastic that is recycled, upcycled and otherwise given a second, third, fourth and even infinite life. With a technology solution that is both proven and quick to scale, our goal now is to go far and go fast. Our ambition is to annually upcycle 1 million tons of plastic waste by 2025.

4 reasons to choose BlueAlp plastic recycling technology

Choose your delivery model

Best technology

Continuous process, accepts mixed plastic waste

Patented slow-cracking process


Established track record

Designed to the highest industry standards

Operational experience since 2014

Operating at commercial scale since 2020

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Choose your delivery model

BlueAlp is a licensor, providing a basic engineering package & services that enables you to select your EPCM to built the plant

BlueAlp is end-to-end responsible, from technology provision to plant construction

Highest client value

Highest client value

Minimal downtime

Highest oil quality

Plant optimization services for continuous efficiency improvement

BlueAlp | Advanced plastic upcycling

About BlueAlp

BlueAlp’s roots go back to the early 2000s, originating from a chance conversation and a business trip. Read the story behind how we began.

Advanced plastic upcycling

Chemical recycling technologies that upcycle old plastic into new and valuable feedstock are increasingly viewed as the gamechanger in the drive to decarbonize the way we live and move towards a more sustainable and circular model. Learn about advanced upcycling and BlueAlp plastic circularity technology benefits.

About BlueAlp