Mission & Values

BlueAlp Mission and Values

A breakthrough in plastic recycling

Go further, go faster

Accelerate recycling

As a company and as innovators, our mission is to dramatically accelerate the amount of plastic that is recycled, upcycled and generally given a second, third or fourth life – and hopefully beyond, to infinity. With a technology solution that is both proven and ready to scale, our goal now is to go far and go fast.

Going forward, our vision and mission are to enable the entire value chain to work together on transforming plastic waste into plastic value by considering recycling, sustainability and circularity at every stage of the product lifecycle. Think of production that uses recaptured feedstock, product and packaging design based on recycling requirements and waste management that assumes recycling and reprocessing in place of disposal. Or to put it another way: to accelerate plastic recycling and help to transform our world for the better.

Our Values

innovative BlueAlp technology


Nothing is Impossible

At BlueAlp we are always working on improving our technology. That means continuous pushing our boundaries and challenging the usual.

We innovate as one team, working closely together across different disciplines. Resulting in a continuous flow of fresh energy and new breakthrough ideas. Helping us to lead and accelerate recycling revolution.


Support circularity

by upcycling any kind of “worthless” plastic waste into valuable raw materials that can be used to make new plastic without virgin oil.

trustworthy BlueAlp


Always delivering the highest value

At BlueAlp we practice what we preach and what we promise. So, your colleagues, but also your clients, and other partners know that they can always rely on you. That makes us feel connected and comfortable to work with each other. Because of mutual trust, continuity and honesty.

decarbonization BlueAlp

Support decarbonization

through the most efficient, safe and high performance chemical-based plastic recycling technology available today.

together BlueAlp


Teamwork makes the dream work

Across all departments we value different perspectives and diversity in thinking to sharpen our innovative ideas. And always realize that we can only accelerate plastic recycling if we work closely together with, among other (technology) partners, clients, brand holders, retailers, and governments. Because alone you go faster, but together we go further.

support economics bluealp

Support economics

through cost-efficient scalability, continuous production instead of batch production, lower operating costs and high quality output regardless of feedstock.