BlueAlp history

The BlueAlp story

The power of coincidence…

…gives birth to a purpose

BlueAlp’s roots lie in two coincidences and a flash of inspiration. Coincidence number one was when our Chief Scientist, then a consultant in the petrochemical industry, got into a conversation with a professor who explained the idea of using pyrolysis to transform plastic back into oil. At the end, the professor asked our Chief Scientist if he could help a Swiss-based startup that was working on this to get the process right. He took it on as an interesting side project – and made it work. Coincidence number two came on another work trip, this time to the Philippines. There he saw firsthand the scale of our planet’s plastic waste problem and how it is turning our blue oceans a soupy gray.

And those two coincidences ignited a spark: “What if we could develop pyrolysis technology to convert not just ‘good’ plastic waste back into high-value oil, but the dirtiest and hardest to recycle plastic waste as well, like those polluting our landfills, rivers and oceans?”.

The idea for what would become BlueAlp was born, although the name – Blue for the oceans and Alp for the initial proof of concept – came later. Our mission: to develop the pyrolysis process into a technology that can turn any plastic waste into fossil-free feedstock that can be used repeatedly. And then to commercialize and scale this groundbreaking technology worldwide.

BlueAlp milestones

in accelerating plastic recycling

BlueAlp's milestones