Leadership Team

Meet our leaders!

Our team comprises experienced professionals from the chemical industry, reshaping the future, giving waste a second life, and driving sustainable solutions. With shared dedication and motivation, we work together to unlock the full potential of BlueAlp. Through our expertise, we revolutionize waste management by transforming plastics into valuable resources.

Valentijn de Neve


Valentijn de Neve - CEO BlueAlp

Valentijn is a dynamic leader with a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the world through circularity. He is dedicated to driving BlueAlp’s mission of accelerating plastic recycling and, with his strategic vision and extensive industry expertise, is a driving force behind the company’s efforts to achieve its purpose of eliminating plastic waste from landfills and incineration facilities.

Albert Boogert


Albert Boogert BlueAlp CFO

Albert brings extensive experience in business finance strategy and operations and is an experienced business finance professional with a track record spanning multiple industries and organizational settings. Albert plays a pivotal role in shaping BlueAlp’s financial strategy supporting the growth in our business and technology. Additionally, he is entrusted with the oversight and management of the company’s crucial back-office functions, encompassing finance, human resources, and information technology.

Daniel Rondelez


Daniel Rondelez - CTO BlueAlp

Daniel is a chemist and a long-standing leader in the field of polymers technologies. He and his team are leading the way in developing BlueAlp’s technology of the future. He brings profound experience in the field of recycling processes, technology licensing, and IPR management. Daniel aims to make a lasting impact with BlueAlp, contributing to truly circular plastic development.

Chris van der Ree

Chief Scientist

Chris van der Ree - Chief Scientist Blue Alp

Chris is a chemical engineer and the founder of BlueAlp. With his long experience in the oil & energy industry, de-bottlenecking, chemical engineering, and process engineering, he is guiding the acceleration of plastic recycling. Chris believes that we hold the world in trust for the generations to come, and that global energy and plastics production can and will be based entirely on renewable energy.

Marcel Marechal


Marcel Marechal - Director Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Marcel has over 35 years of experience as a plant manager, with a focus on the production of standardized equipment. He played a crucial role in building the first BlueAlp’s Plastic-to-Chemicals plant in Belgium. Since 2015, he’s been pivotal in pyrolysis module fabrication. Marcel strongly advocates the BlueAlp’s concept and its potential to benefit the planet’s future.