Our Customer Solutions: Focused on Two Routes

Licensing Package - BlueAlp Solutions

Licensing Package

You purchase a BlueAlp Technology license and implement the design with your preferred EPCM partners.

Engineering Procurement Fabrication Solution


We supply a complete plant in which engineering, procurement and fabrication (EPF) is looked after entirely by us.

We back both options with ongoing support that is designed to maximize uptime and unit cost efficiency.

Highest client value through best unit economics

Fast startup BlueAlp

Fast startup

Operational training by our experiences industry engineers

Highest efficiency BlueAlp

Highest efficiency

Minimal downtime and ongoing optimization based on BlueAlp consultancy sharing data-driven insights between all BlueAlp-powered recycling plants

Payment by result BlueAlp

Payment by result

We link a percentage of our earning to your performance

Rapid scale up BlueAlp

Rapid rollout and scaleup

BlueAlp technology is faster and easier to roll out and scale than any current alternative

optimization services BlueAlp

Optimization services

Consultancy services for feedstock, unit operation, and plant optimization