Why Us?

Why choose BlueAlp plastic to chemicals solution

Accelerating advanced recycling

decarbonization BlueAlp


Upcycling plastic waste reduces the need for oil and gas extraction, brings down plastic waste incineration, and thereby helps the world to decarbonize

circularity blue alp

Cleaner environment

The ability to reprocess the dirtiest existing plastic waste back into a new oil feedstock creates an economic driver to clean up ocean and landfills

independence from virgin feedstock


Chemically recycling plastic reduces our dependence on scarce, expensive, and unstable supplier of virgin oil

Optimum quality and no overcracking

Within the field of advanced plastic recycling, BlueAlp Technology is increasingly recognized as the best and most efficient way to turn plastic waste into a new raw material. This is because we have made a number of changes to the conventional pyrolysis process. The key difference is the use of ‘slow-cracking’ or gradual heating to ensure each plastic is cracked at its optimum temperatue. This prevents the overcracking of the hydrocarbons and so optimizes output – both quantity and quality.

7 reasons to choose the BlueAlp technology

Wide range of plastics

Difficult to recycle waste consisting of wide mix of plastic feedstock, resulting in higher feedstock availability and lower prices.

Scalable technology

No limitations in heat transformers allow for scaling up a single reactor train to 50kt, resulting in cost savings in both capital and operating expenses.

High oil quality

Highest possible pyrolysis oil quality due to the combination of patented features to remove contaminants and optimal process control.

Efficient energy balance

Low energy usage due to optimal cracking process (low heat flux).

Continuous process

Continuous liquid phase pyrolysis results in high control and efficient operation.

No catalysts

No catalysts required.

Highest safety

The highest oil and gas safety standards enable the optimal integration of the site within a chemical complex.